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Carpet Flooring Cairns – Carpet Flooring is an affordable and practical flooring that has been used in homes, offices and businesses for many decades. Quality carpets are durable, from the beautiful look and feel of natural wool, practical solution dyed nylon or polyester throughout your home. Solution dyed nylon and polypropylene can also be used throughout your office, your cafe or your business. Commercial accommodation such as hotels and apartment buildings usually have wool carpet installed due to it’s unique characteristic of a very low flammability.  Browse our range of Carpet Flooring at our locally owned and operated showroom, where we can help you find not only beautiful carpets, but also practical carpets that can handle pets, kids, adults and every day traffic.



Why Carpet Flooring?

Carpet Flooring is a great medium for bedrooms, living rooms and media rooms.  Carpet readily absorbs noise, making it an ideal surface in media or music rooms. For commercial properties, this is also a big consideration, as noise is the enemy when engaging in person to person communications both face to face and on the telephone.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring?

Carpet offers a host of benefits in our homes and businesses, namely:

– A wide range of textiles are available, each with their own unique qualities.
– Carpet is available in around several different fibres, so a fibre to suit each application is available, from wool, polypropylene, solution dyed nylon, polyester and triexta.
– Carpet Flooring is much softer underfoot than timber, tiles, vinyl, Vinyl Planks or Hybrid Flooring. A range of underlay thicknesses and densities allow you to select how soft,     or how firm the feel. Upgrading underlay is an inexpensive way to enhance your carpet feel.
– Budget friendly, carpet is the winner as floor preparation is usually not required. This saves considerably on cost of flooring.

 Can I install Carpet Flooring myself?

Broadloom Carpet (rolls 3.66m wide) installation is best carried out by a professional as they have the knowledge, skills and tools required for a lasting installation. Carpet pricing is usually inclusive of basic underlay and installation, so the price that you are quoted will most likely be the cost of the total job. Our carpet installers can also take up and dispose of your existing carpets and underlay (at extra cost)

Modular Carpet or Carpet Tiles are more suited to those wishing to do the job themselves.

 Choosing the right Carpet Flooring for your home or business.

Your environment plays a big part in producing the best result for your money. Ensure the Carpet that you choose is suited to the conditions most likely to be encountered in your home or business.

The price of Carpet Flooring is dependent on both the quality and the fibre that it is made of. Carpet quality is determined by the weight of the carpet, as a better quality carpet has more material, and subsequently more weight. Man made fibres are generally cheaper than natural fibre such as wool and Triexta (corn based). Polypropylene is the entry level carpet, followed by Polyester, then Solution Dyed Nylon and Wool.

When cared for, installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, our Carpet Flooring will provide you with great looks and durability.


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