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Commercial Vinyl Cairns – commercial flooring is both an affordable and practical flooring that can handle day to day business foot traffic, while still having visual appeal. These floors are not only durable, but have a range of styles and colour options to suit almost any business. Your office, your cafe/bar, your salon, your surgery, your showroom. Browse our range of commercial vinyl at our locally owned and operated showroom, where we can help you find beautiful flooring with a tough resilient surface that can easily handle most applications that have medium to heavy foot traffic.


Why Commercial Vinyl?

Commercial flooring is a great solution for most business environments. It is a 100% waterproof product that will not absorb moisture, and can be used in most businesses. Usually it is a PVC based product (vinyl), but can also be a textile based product such as carpet, or a flocked product often called Flotex.

Benefits of Commercial Vinyl?

Commercial flooring offers many benefits for flooring in places of business, for these reasons:

– Commercial vinyl  is usually homogenous, so the initial patter is there to stay for the life of the product, given that it is maintained to the manufacturer’s requirements.
– Commercial vinyl flooring can withstand water, heavy/rough use, sunlight, and regular cleaning products. The materials used for such flooring are often pre-treated so that it  can also withstand cleaning and infection control.
– Because digital graphics offer countless designs, customers have great design versatility. This has lead to making commercial vinyl flooring a great option for almost every application.
– Commercial flooring is extremely durable. There are a number of coating options you can choose to help increase scuff and mark protection, but vinyl is usually resistant enough in areas of normal foot traffic. We recommend looking at the specification and ensuring that it is Class 33 for commercial use (EN649/33) and that it has a minimum R10 Slip Rating.

Can I install Commercial Flooring myself?

How level is the floor? What is the subfloor made of? What slip rating do I need? There is a difference not only for installation considerations, but materials selections for concrete or plywood subfloors as well as the actual environment. Subfloor surfaces as well as climate exposure all factor into what will make the best choice for your project.
If you cannot confidently answer all of these questions, then you should leave the installation to the professionals.

Supplying and installing the correct commercial vinyl flooring that meet your business and branding needs is something we do well.

We understand the importance of meeting timelines as well. Your business needs to be running and we will communicate with you every step of the project.

Choosing the right Commercial Vinyl for your business.

The floor of your commercial or industrial property takes a lot of punishment, especially if you operate a restaurant or a manufacturing facility using caustic chemicals. Your choice in commercial flooring materials has a major impact on the safety, cleanliness, and durability of its surface.

Tiles can be used for high traffic areas, but become uncomfortable for employees or customers that are standing for long periods. Your aesthetic choices should blend with your business needs.

When cared for, installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, our commercial flooring will provide you with great looks and durability.

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