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Gift Vouchers from Cairns Floors and More

Gift Vouchers are a great way to give to that “hard to buy for” person. Nominate the value that you would like to spend, and the lucky recipient then has 6 months to spend on anything that we have in store. Choose from Quality Floor Rugs, Ottomans, Wall Hangings or a selection of Blinds. Or perhaps put it toward some new flooring – select from plush Carpet, Hybrid Flooring, Vinyl Planks,  for the boat, Carpet Tiles for the rumpus room or some beautiful Engineered Timber from our range of Australian Native or French Oaks.

The Gift Voucher recipient can put it toward anything they choose, with Rugs being the most popular choice.


Why Choose Rugs?

Quality Rugs are a great medium for bedrooms, living rooms and media rooms.  Rugs readily absorb noise, making them an ideal way to remove echo’s from rooms with hard flooring installed. A new rug is a great way to change the style of any room in an instant, and at minimal cost. Our range of rugs covers styles such as Traditional, Shaggy, Modern, Natural Fibre and an easy care Indoor/Outdoor range. Runners are also available in various styles.

Why Choose Wall Hangings?

Wall hangings, just like Rugs absorb noise by presenting an uneven surface to sound waves. This uneven surface consists of high and low points within the weave, with each intersection of points providing a “pocket” to trap and help eliminate noise. A new wall hanging is a great way to change the style of any room in an instant, and at minimal cost.

Choosing the right Rug or Wall Hanging.

Wall Hangings can be made from either Natural or Synthetic fibres. As they are not usually touched or felt once put in their place, the choice of fibre is not governed by tactile experience. However, the environment that they are to be placed in does need consideration, as high humidity and a hanging Natural Fibre combination will result in drooping which is not only unattractive, with the stretch damage permanent and unable to be removed.

Rugs can also be made from Natural or Synthetic fibres. Unlike Wall Hangings, a Rug will be walked or laid on almost every day. This makes the selection of your Quality Rug very much a tactile experience. The actual duty of the Rug should also be taken into consideration. High traffic area’s will generally benefit from a Synthetic Fibre, while a low traffic area such as a bedroom or media room will be more suitable to a Natural Fibre. Soft and sensual for walking barefooted or lounging around on the floor.

When cared for and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, our Quality Rugs will provide you with great looks and durability.


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