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Marine Carpet Cairns – Marine Carpet is an affordable and practical flooring that has been used in and on boats, pontoons, patios and garage floors for many decades. Marine carpets are durable, made from UV stabilised polypropylene and ideally suited to our tropical environment in FNQ. Our marine carpets are soft to touch and easy to clean making them ideal for boat flooring, and pontoon decks, as the fibre does not absorb moisture, resulting in a product that will never rot, fray or stain. Browse our range of Marine Carpet at our locally owned and operated showroom, where we can help you find not only the colour that you are looking for, but also the style you seek.


What is Marine Carpet?

Marine Carpet has been specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of providing tough and durable carpet solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using the latest needle punch technology and 100% polypropylene construction, marine or needle-punch carpet provides an ideal and inexpensive solution for boat decks, cockpits and pontoons.

Benefits of Marine Carpet

Marine Carpet offers a host of benefits in or on your boat, deck, patio or pontoon, namely:

– Flame retardant, insect resistant and anti-static, cooler underfoot than bare decks or pontoons.
– Easy to clean and maintain, with stain resistant fibres and a high water resistance. Usually just a hose down is all that is required.
– Modern styles, with a range of colours to suit most applications. Velour, plush or ribbed versions are available, some with fire certification to meet AMSA requirements.
– Adds value and character to any vessel with minimal expense.
– Sea, salt, sun and sand, marine carpet is a multi-purpose, hard-wearing option that can be purchased by the metre. With a long service life destined to last for years even under harsh elements,

 Can I install myself?

If you are handy or trade orientated, know your way around a tape measure and have an eye for detail,  then you can definitely install Marine Carpet yourself. Should you lack the skills or time to do it yourself or don’t feel comfortable tackling the job , then our expert installers can do the installation for you from start to finish.

Some tips for installing yourself:

– Always allow extra material when doing your measuring. Allow for curved shapes and surfaces, and add an additional 100mm to each cut length to allow for skew.
– Unroll the carpet outside in the sun, with the backing facing up. This will soften the backing and allow for easier bending and positioning.
– Remove all obstacles such as seating, posts and poles etc. BEFORE beginning to install. The job will be a whole lot easier without these to obstruct.
– Always use the correct adhesive for the application. For outdoor applications, we recommend Roberts 6037 or Maxbond 006 adhesives. For indoor applications a suitable Polyurethane adhesive should be used, as this will make removal easier at a later date.
– When applying adhesive, pick an undercover or out of the sun place to do the task. Adhesive will dry more quickly in the heat, so start early. Spread the adhesive in small sections with a suitable sized notched trowel, and allow the adhesive to “tack up” before laying the carpet down. Always use a heavy roller when finished laying the carpet down, as this aids in transferring the adhesive through the carpet backing.

Choosing the right Carpet for your boat, pontoon, deck or patio

Your environment plays a big part in producing the best result for your money. Ensure the Marine Carpet that you choose is suited to the conditions most likely to be encountered in or on your boat, patio or pontoon.

Some Marine Carpets will have a 3 year warranty for outdoor installations, although the normal warranty is 2 years outdoor and 5 years indoor.

While durable and highly resistant to moisture, mould and mildew, Marine Carpets do have a low resilience in high-traffic areas. This means that they  will flatten over time and their appearance deteriorate. Consider this when purchasing for outdoor environments, as a more expensive product will not necessarily last any longer.

Installation Guidelines
Recommended Adhesives



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