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We have a range of quality rugs to complement any room.

We have quality rugs with various weaves, textures and colours to suit your living style and space. Buying a quality rug is a very tactile experience, one that can’t be had if buying online.

Indulge in a luxurious designer wool rug or retro shag for your living room, impress your guests with modern rugs in your setting, satisfy your need for elegance with designer rugs, find an easy clean rug for your dining area or embrace the fresh look of our natural jute rugs, perfect to complete your dining room or outdoor setting. – whatever your lifestyle, we have you covered for rugs at Cairns Floors and More.

From Traditional to Tribal, Modern to Natural, Hand Woven to Machine Power Loomed.

Our quality rugs are sourced from around the world from countries renowned for their rug making skills such as Turkey, India, Egypt and Belgium.


Quality Rugs Can Be Made From:

Natural Fibre






Synthetic Fibre

Heat Set Polypropylene





Choosing the right rug is like choosing the best wine

to complement dinner.

Quality Rug Styles

Machine power-loomed

Handspun and knotted


Flat Woven



Quality Rugs can come in all shapes and sizes, we stock the traditional 4,



Square and



Quality rug solutions for any location.

My Office

My Home

My Business

caring for your quality rug

always follow the manufacturers’ instructions

light vacuuming

Lightly vacuum once or twice a week.  Use the hard floor attachment and avoid powerhead attachments as they are too strong and may damage and pull the fibres. Don’t forget to vacuum the base of your rug occasionally.

professional Cleaning your rug

You bought a quality rug, now it’s time to care for it. Maintaining your rug is easy, have your rugs cleaned by a professional every three to six years. Not only will they look bright and fresh again, they will last a whole lot longer.

accident Cleaning

Blot spills and stains immediately with a paper towel or white cloth (do not rub).

Warm water with a very mild soap or detergent may be used, however, do not do this on jute, sisal or seagrass products. 

Blot excess water with a paper towel or white cloth and try to remove all detergent residue.  Seek advice from a professional rug cleaner if need be.

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