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Timber Flooring Cairns – Engineered Timber Flooring is an elegant flooring that provides you with real timber look and feel at a fraction of the price of  solid timber floors. Manufactured from veneer strips, the surface is from high grade timber, and the two sub layers from stable readily available species such as Heava. These floors  ooze the beauty of nature, but are best suited for low traffic area’s such as your home. Browse our range of  Engineered Timber Flooring at our locally owned and operated showroom, where we can help you find beautiful timber species that will help make your home glow.

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Why Timber Flooring?

Timber Flooring is a great solution for our Far North Queensland higher end homes. If you are looking for that “wow factor”, you really cannot go past the uniqueness of natural timber. It is not a waterproof product and will absorb moisture from our humid tropical environment. Timber Flooring is not suited to wet or damp area’s such as kitchens or bathrooms, spills should be cleaned up immediately. Timber Flooring is unique and needs stable temperature and humidity conditions to remain beautiful throughout it’s life.

Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered timber flooring offers a host of benefits that make it an excellent option worth considering. It also has some aspects that make it more appealing than solid hardwood, as listed below:

– No pattern repeat. Every floorboard has  a unique individual pattern and is completely natural – as mother nature intended.
– Engineered timber tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood (with the exception of premium collections). This is especially true for thicker options that have already been sanded and finished multiple times.
– No plywood subfloor needed. Engineered timber can be installed directly over concrete without the need to install plywood first.
– Timber products have always been one of the most sustainable options in flooring. Engineered timber takes sustainability further as the planks make better use of slow growth hardwood species.
– Increases your home’s value. Timber is a timeless classic and does not date like synthetic products. Properly cared for, it can last for generations.
– Timber Flooring is unlike Carpet, dust cannot penetrate the surface. This can be helpful if you have people with allergies.

Can I install Timber Flooring myself?

If you have a trade background, know your way around a tape measure and have an eye for detail, or have completed renovations previously, then you can definitely install Engineered Timber Flooring yourself, or if you lack the skills or time to do it yourself, then our expert installers can do the installation for you.

Should you choose to install timber flooring yourself, closely follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines which we will provide you with at the time of purchase.

Choosing the right Timber Flooring for your home or business.

Engineered timber flooring is highly versatile and makes a great addition throughout your home, office, or desired space. Smaller spaces can feel larger when engineered timber flooring is installed, making it ideal for cramped rooms.

The price of timber flooring differs considerably when you take into account the species, construction, and surface finish used. Expect to pay around 50% more for quality wide boards and rare species than common species of timber such as Tasmanian Oak.

When cared for, installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, our Timber Flooring will provide you with great looks and durability.

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